Monday, September 23, 2013

WAVE Dinner

WAVE Parents -
First off, I want to say how proud I am of our students who participated in Youth Sunday yesterday for both early and late services!  They did an excellent job and I hope they were proud of themselves also! 
The next "big thing" WAVE is in charge of will be Family Night Supper on Wednesday, October 16.  Below is a list of everything that will be on the menu and what I will need help with.  You guys have been great in the past helping not only me, but the students as well.  Please email me back and let me know what you would like to help out with if available.  After we are done serving and cleaning up that night, we will go get ice cream at Berry Berry Good right across 463 near Georgia Blues. 
You can sign up for more than 1 item if you would like.  We need to prepare for 125-150 people. 
Beef Roast & Veggies =     Henry & Melissa Skelton
Rice =
Salad =                            
Desserts =                        Shelley Hughes,
Rolls (bags of Sister Shubert rolls) =     Courtney Simmons,
Gallon Tea and/or Lemonade (sweet/unsweet) =
Students and parent volunteers will need to be at the church around 4:15-4:30 to start setting up. 
Please email me back when you can! 
 - Seth