Friday, September 20, 2013

WAVE Update 9/20

Here is your update for the week! 
1.  This Sunday is YOUTH SUNDAY!  Our WAVE students will be running both early and late services.  If your student is helping out for early, they need to be at the church at 8:05am.  For late, 10:15am.  If they are doing bells for late service, they need to meet with Martha in the sanctuary at 10:00am.  I have also reminded the students of the dress code.  All guys need to wear khakis/black pants, nice shirt, and look "groomed."  For girls, no flip-flops, short skirts, or spaghetti straps.  Skirts need to be knee length.  Please advise your student to look their best!  We will all go out to lunch afterwards so your student will need $.  We will also be having one more practice tomorrow afternoon at 3:00pm in the chapel for any student who wants to practice their speaking parts
2.  Next weekend the 18 Hour Famine is here!  I hope your student is excited about this event!  This is our extended edition of movie and game night plus a lock-in at the church:  only catch?  NO EATING FOR 18 HOURS!  Bags will be checked at the door!  I had a student ask me, "How come we are doing something like this?"  The reasoning is simple:  we take what we eat and when we eat for granted every day.  When we are hungry, we simply walk into the kitchen or we go out and get something.  When we were in Haiti, several people we worked with said that usually for them "They don't know when they are going to eat again, so when there is food, we don't miss out!"  We are honoring God by being reminded of how much He has given us.  The event starts at 6:00pm on Friday - pickup at NOON on Saturday (9/27-9/28).  We will have a countdown going for the entirety of our journey in the Fellowship Hall.  Be on time! 
3.  Leadership Team Applications are now available and can be picked up in the WAVE game room!  For grades 10-12.  Being on the LT is a great opportunity.  The applications are due on Sunday, September 29.  Our first LT event will be on Saturday, October 5. 
4.  Looking ahead - This year Roberta will be offering a Girls Bible Study for both Jr. and Sr. High girls at our home from 6:30-8:00pm every other Thursday.  They will be going through the Book of Ruth and will also be doing "girly" crafts each time they meet.  Please encourage your female student to attend!  This will be a great opportunity for even better friendships to be formed with our WAVE girls! Our address:  412 Beechwood Lane.  Madison, MS 39110.   
5.  Lastly, a reminder that the Ski Trip deposit for the Copper Mountain trip next Spring Break is DUE on Monday, October 7.  This is a non-refundable deposit of $100.  Do this quick!  This trip can only hold 30 spots and 10 are already taken!  Make checks out to Grace Chapel and give to Seth anytime.  This trip is for both Jr. & Sr. High students.  Students younger than 13 must have an adult accompany them.  If you have any other questions, please let me know! 
Hope to see you all this Sunday as our WAVE students lead us in worshiping our Lord!  Have a great weekend! 
 - Seth
Upcoming Events through September & first of October  
A quick & easy guide for you to look & see what's going on
Sunday, September 22 = Youth Sunday for both services.  Youth lunch afterwards. 
Friday, September 27 – Saturday, September 28 = 18 HOUR FAMINE.  6:00pm – 12 NOON. 
Sunday, September 29 = Leadership Team Applications DUE after WAVE
Thursday, October 3 = First Girl's Bible Study.  412 Beechwood Lane.  6:30-8:00pm. 
Saturday, October 5 = LT Planning and Organizing Cookout @ Lake Cavalier.  4:00-9:00pm. 
Monday, October 7 = SKI TRIP DEPOSIT DUE!